filippo rovelli
Hey! I’m Filippo, alias Pippo.
I was born in 1985 and I have more than 10 years of experience in web & graphic design. If you want to collaborate with me, to have a consulence for digital / printing project or just to have some chatting, contact me.

+39 3289068567


UI & UX Design / App iOS & Android

Created in partnership with PoliedroStudio

A 5 choises' App for the famouse bottles.

We implemented an Ipad App revisiting the winery's classical style in a new technological look. A Dark shaded background shows up in a reolute way those what really are some of the most famous bottles in Franciacorta. An Ipad App: a digital wine list, always updatable, always refining the Bellavista's selling net experience. Bellavista Franciacorta, a Terra Moretti Group brand is able to put himself at quality attending, a quality that since ever is just one:
the best Bellavista, a Brand grew up as a Style, sinonimous of elegance, refiniment and attention to details

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