filippo rovelli
Hey! I’m Filippo, alias Pippo.
I was born in 1985 and I have more than 10 years of experience in web & graphic design. If you want to collaborate with me, to have a consulence for digital / printing project or just to have some chatting, contact me.

+39 3289068567

Legor Cicli

UI & UX Design / WebDesign / Development

Created in partnership with PoliedroStudio

LEGOR Bicycles, sartorial chassis'

Mattia (Uasis) Paganotti is a workman (artisan) that smells of workshop (workshop's smelling), a guy who "if I can imagine it, that's means I can make it" Mattia is a "Chasis's Man", one of youngers one and LEGOR BIKES comes enterly from his mind: beginning with the earlies chassis born into the the Franciacorta's workshop to the new life in Barcellona (Spain).
Always on the sandle: on a velodrome's woodden track or in the sludge of a cycle-cross racing track or on the hot asphalt of the way to the seaside.

Mattia is a true man, true asa his bikes' steel, such as the friendship joining the boyS into the TEAM LEGOR RACING and such as hares ("legor" in brescia's slang) that fill his web-site

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