filippo rovelli
Hey! I’m Filippo, alias Pippo.
I was born in 1985 and I have more than 10 years of experience in web & graphic design. If you want to collaborate with me, to have a consulence for digital / printing project or just to have some chatting, contact me.

+39 3289068567

Palazzolo Digital Festival

Branding / Advertising/ UI & UX Design /
Web Design / Web Develoment

Created in partnership with PoliedroStudio

Look far away forward.
Don't be an "analogic"!

Galignani Foundation and Torino's Digital Festival present Palazzolo Digital Festival, the first digital festival in Franciavorta. A Kermesse to understand opportunities the "digital revolution" offers linked to region. During the event's days some Relators, known all around the Nation, will develop themes relate to commercial and industrial activities, including use of sharing, social network and co-working, all of them connected by digital revolution.

From advertising concept to web passing by social network

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Concept / UI & UX Design / WebDesign